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Bushra Taweel

Bushra Taweel is a journalist, photographer, and human rights defender documenting Israeli violations against Palestinian prisoners and organizing events raising awareness about Palestinian prisoners’ rights. She serves as the media spokesperson for Aneen al-Qaid Network, a social, cultural, and media network first founded by ex-detainees. Bushra was first arrested at the age of 18, and despite her release as part of a prisoner exchange deal, she’s been a target for continued arrests. During her most recent arrest in November 2020, Bushra was placed under administrative detention in Damon prison, which has since been renewed. Her father Jamal Al- Taweel, a frequent target for arrests who served a total of 16 years in Israeli prisons, was arrested in June 2021. He has since announced his hunger strike in protest of Israeli occupation authorities’ administrative detention of his daughter.

Solidarity address:
Bushra Taweel
Damon Prison
P.O. Box 98
Daliyat al-Karmel

Information provided by
Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association