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Ivan Safronov

A former journalist of the daily paper Kommersant, Ivan Safronov is the author of many sensational stories about Russia’s domestic politics, armed forces and space policy in the course of his journalistic career, Safronov was arrested in July 2020. He is still in pre-trial detention, apparently due to lack of evidence to open the trial, and is facing a possible 20-year prison sentence for allegedly betraying his country.


Solidarity address

Safronov Ivan Ivanovich, born in 1990
Moscow, Lefortovsky Val building 5, building 2,
FKU SIZO-2, 111020

Сафронову Ивану Ивановичу 1990 г.р
Москва, Лефортовский вал дом 5, к 2,
ФКУ СИЗО-2, 111020


Information provided by Reporters Without Borders