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Kameel Juma Hasan

Kameel Juma Hasan, an 18-year-old Bahraini man, has been convicted in 15 different
cases since 2019 -all related to his participation in protests against the Bahraini state. He was first charged in 2017, at only aged 14. He is currently serving a sentence totalling roughly 28 years in prison. These multiple cases and decades-long sentences are a form of reprisal against his activism and that of his mother, as part of a wider pattern of repression that includes targeting of activists’ family members. Amnesty International calls for Kameel’s immed

Solidarity address

Kameel Juma Hasan
 c/o Najah Yusuf
 House No. 2913
 Road No. 942
Block No. 609 Sitra

Information provided by Amnesty International