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Roland Carreño

Roland Carreño was arrested on October 26, 2020 and indicted without evidence on charges of conspiracy, illicit trafficking of weapons of war and ammunition, and financing of terrorism. Maduro's government prosecutor, Tarek William Saab, said that at the time of his arrest, Carreño was seized with an AR-15 rifle and $12,000 in cash, along with lists of people and information on routes to Colombia.

Saab accused Carreño of being the main financier of Voluntad Popular using money from the Simón Bolívar Foundation (supported by Citgo). The prosecutor denounced the diversion of US$ 8,500,000 through that organization. In a first presentation he was charged with three counts: Conspiracy, Financing of Terrorism and Arms Trafficking. Subsequently, on December 4, 2020, he was charged with Conspiracy, Money Laundering, Illicit Trafficking of War Weapons and Criminal Association. The journalist's sister, Laura Carreño, has denounced that her brother has hypertension and diabetes, and that although they have managed to get him to receive medication for these conditions, he has not received medical attention for new stomach and balance problems that he has presented while in prison.


Solidarity address

Roland Carreño
Brigada Motorizada de la Policía Nacional Bolivariana
Avenida Principal de Maripérez
Caracas código postal 1050


Information provided by Reporters Without Borders