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Yan Katelevskiy

Yan Katelevskiy was persecuted for investigating police corruption, along with his colleague Aleksandr Dorogov. They are both deputy chief editors at the independent investigative news website Rosderzhava. Arrested near Moscow by around 20 members of the Russian special forces on the night of 28 July, they are accused of extorting more than 1 million roubles (11 140 euros) from a traffic policeman in exchange for an end to critical stories about him, and are facing the possibility of 15 years in prison.


Solidarity address

Yan Nikolaevich Katelevsky, born in 1981
Moscow region, Serpukhov, st. Kaluzhskaya, d. 50/7
FKU SIZO-3 UFSIN RF 142200, Russia

Кателевскому Яну Николаевичу, 1981 г.р.
Московская область, г. Серпухов, ул. Калужская, д. 50/7
ФКУ СИЗО-3 УФСИН РФ 142200, Russia


Information provided by Reporters Without Borders