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Zeynab Jalalian

Zeynab Jalalian is an Iranian Kurdish woman serving a life sentence following a grossly unfair trial, where she was denied the right to adequate defence. She is unjustly jailed in Yazd prison, Yazd province, central Iran. Ministry of intelligence agents are torturing Zeynab Jalalian by deliberately denying her health care to coerce her into providing a videotaped “confession”. This intentional denial of health care is causing her severe pain and suffering, particularly as she has serious medical conditions, including post-Covid19 breathing difficulty. Zeynab Jalalian was arbitrarily arrested in March 2008 for her social and political activities with the political wing of the Party for Free Life of Kurdistan (PJAK), which aimed at the empowerment of women belonging to Iran’s Kurdish minority and Kurdish self-determination. She was held in solitary confinement for eight months, without access to a lawyer. She has said that, during this time, intelligence officials subjected her to torture and other ill-treatment including flogging her on the soles of her feet, punching her in the stomach, hitting her head against a wall, and threatening her with rape. She has said that on one occasion her head was hit against a wall so hard that her skull was fractured, causing internal bleeding in her brain and impairing her vision.

Solidarity address

Zeynab Jalalian
Yazd prison
Women’s ward
End of Imam Street
After Imam Reza Square Opposite Imam Janab Terminal Yazd
Yazd Province
Islamic Republic of Iran